10. Sample Hubdoc/Plooto Onboarding Letter

[YOUR BUSINESS NAME] has started using a cloud-based document management program.

Effective today, please send all invoices, statements & remittance forms to:


Emails must come in with only one invoice per email, as the program can’t separate multiple files. 

We will also be migrating to an online payment program – Plooto – shortly to pay yours automatically by direct deposit.  We would appreciate it if you would enter your bank info when prompted by Plooto. You may make the information permanent so it is a seamless process for you whenever we pay you, or you may enter your information each time we pay you.

We also need the email that notifications should go to.

We look forward to a smooth process to receive your bills and pay you in a timely and effective manner!

Questions or concerns?  Contact us, and let’s discuss them ASAP.

Thank you.