Client Handbook

11. Technology Security Policies

CV Bookkeeping does not conduct client work from public places such as coffee shops or libraries. We do not email documents, instead, we will make them easily, but securely, accessible and notify you when your books are ready for review. Sensitive documents such as tax returns and Articles of Incorporation are stored in Karbon.  All … Read more

10. Sample Hubdoc/Plooto Onboarding Letter

[YOUR BUSINESS NAME] has started using a cloud-based document management program. Effective today, please send all invoices, statements & remittance forms to: Emails must come in with only one invoice per email, as the program can’t separate multiple files.  We will also be migrating to an online payment program – Plooto – shortly to … Read more

06. QBO, Hubdoc, CRA, Karbon, Plooto Tutorials

We strive to empower you and make you confident in the accounting applications we will be using together.  If you are struggling, we want you to have easy access to resources to help you out, even when we are unavailable to help. Jump to: Keeper Client Portal Walkthrough This portal is an online management system … Read more

02. Communication

Let’s Collaborate, Communicate & Share Effectively! We value effective communication and collaboration.  We are a part of your business team now, and we will need to communicate information and share documents on a regular basis.  We strive to produce real-time, meaningful financial data and have actionable, strategic conversations with you.  We will need your engagement … Read more

05. Client Workflow & Checklist

1. Once a week 2. Your beginning of the month tasks & to do’s 3. Your mid-month tasks & to do’s. 4. Management reports received    “The CRA is not your enemy – pay every penny you owe.CV Bookkeeping has your back – pay not a penny more.” 5. Final end-of-cycle tasks & to-dos.  Enjoy … Read more

04. Client Engagement & Best Practices

Client Engagement and Best Practices Our goal is to provide you with useful 5 Star Books. This outlines how you can ensure we have accurate information and documentation to make this happen. We can only maintain great books with your help and engaged participation. We strive to complete your prior period by the 10th day … Read more

07. The Importance of your Reports

Creating, reading and understanding your financial statements and reports is key to understanding the health of your business.  You need to know how much money you have, what is coming in the door, how much is going out, who you owe and who owes you.  This is key to making key decisions to help you … Read more

09. Commonly Used Accounting Terms

Many industries have words and terms commonly used in communications.  Here is a summary of the most common ones in accounting and why they are important for you to know. Accounts Payable: Money that you owe to suppliers and creditors. Accounts Receivable: Money that is owed to you. Assets: All items of value owned by … Read more

08. What is Cloud Accounting?

And why you will be glad you adopted it. Cloud accounting software is similar to traditional, desktop-based solutions, with the difference being that it is hosted on remote servers. Data is sent into the “cloud,” where it is processed and stored. The benefits to the end-user include access to real-time data from anywhere with an … Read more

03. The 12 Edicts of 5 Star Bookkeeping

You are part of an accounting team now. We all need to pull together and follow simple guidelines to achieve useful 5-star accounting records. If you keep our “12 Edicts of Bookkeeping” top of mind, you, we, your bank and the CRA will all be happy. 1. Keep business & personal transactions separate – bank … Read more