05. Client Workflow & Checklist

Virtual Bookkeeping Workflow

1. Once a week

  • When? on the same day each week – update your QBO bank feed and login to Hubdoc to check that your account connections are running smoothly.
  • Make sure you are using Chrome for your browser and opening new tasks using a fresh tab and a bookmark.

2. Your beginning of the month tasks & to do’s

  • When? 5th of the month
  • All documents, bank & credit card statements and receipts in Dext.
    • Meals & Entertainment – both the restaurant receipt AND the payment receipt, side by side with the who & why written on the receipt.
    • NO personal receipts in Hubdoc.
    • Include Petty Cash balance.
    • Mark any receipts paid from Petty Cash as Petty Cash in Hubdoc
  • Sales and invoicing complete.
  • Payments & deposits recorded in QBO or uploaded to Dext.
  • Bills “paid” in QBO.
    • Either we real-world pay your bills or you do. And either we post your payments or you do. If this is your responsibility make sure they are posted as paid (double-check the account they are coming out of!)

3. Your mid-month tasks & to do’s.

  • When? 5 days after the previous month-end
  • You will receive an unknown, uncleared or questionable transaction report via a client task.
    • Mark up unknown, uncleared or questionable transaction report.
    • Complete any other tasks via Karbon.

4. Management reports received   

  • Email CV Bookkeeping if not received on or about the 10th. 
  • Review Profit and Loss.
  • Review Accounts Receivable.
  • Review Accounts Payable.
  • Review Balance Sheet.
  • Review Statement of Cashflow.


  • Complete Task: Period end Management Reports approved.


  • Send email: I’m not ready to approve the reports.
    • Include notes of what needs review, discussing or changing.

“The CRA is not your enemy – pay every penny you owe.CV Bookkeeping has your back – pay not a penny more.”

5. Final end of cycle tasks & to-dos. 

  • When: Immediately after all previous items are complete, either by you or CV Bookkeeping depending on the engagement.
    GST/HST filing report received?  Email CV Bookkeeping if not received on or about the 20th.
  • GST/HST filed. When: By the 25 of the month, either by you or CV Bookkeeping, depending on the engagement.
  • GST/HST paid. When: By the 25 of the month, post-dated to end of the month is fine.
  • GST/HST filing confirmation and payment receipt uploaded to Hubdoc.
  • Complete Tasks: Confirming GST/HST files and/or paid.

Enjoy your sense of accomplishment in engaging in your bookkeeping!

Maintaining a 5-star, useful set of books is a team effort and we appreciate you engaging in your role for your bookkeeping.